Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to my blog

I hardly have time to write my wanna-be novel and yet I'm starting a blog. What am I thinking?!?!

Well, I read that writers should have blogs and be active in the internet community to network. So, here I am networking instead of writing the actual novel or doing something more productive such as cooking dinner or cleaning the house.

Ok, I lied. I am cooking dinner. It's in the oven right now, but I should be cleaning the place up a bit.

I just thought I'd tell you about my wanna-be novel which is called, at present, The Whimsicality of Perception. Its title could and probably will change, but that's what it's currently called. I call it "Whim" for short. It is a sort of whim. I started writing it on a whim.

Ok, I lied again. I started writing it because I was addicted to writing little short story fan fictions based on other people's stories and my dear practical husband kept telling me to write something that I could actually publish and make money from.

So much for writing for the sheer pleasure of it. I've never asked him how the umpteen bikes in the garage will make us any money. He has won a few pairs of socks racing them. Maybe this novel will get me a pair of socks.

I realize I haven't told you about the story yet. I'm getting to that. Have you noticed how it's easier to write the actual story than to summarize it?

It's a fantasy set in modern day California. To be specific, it's the San Francisco Bay Area. Write what you know, right? Bea is a seemingly average young woman living with her uncle in an ordinary home in the suburbs. I'd like to call her cute and quirky, but I fear you will think you won't like her. I assure you that you will. Even my teenage daughter likes her and she doesn't like anybody.


Finn is anything but an ordinary young man living in San Francisco with his father. His job is to find Bea for this really evil (but sort of cool) international criminal organization. They have unusual strength and agility and I'm not going to tell you why at this point because the oven is buzzing and one of my seven your olds (they came in a pack of two) has made a maze and a dot-to-dot that I simply must do right now.

That's the life of a wanna-be novelist.

Or not.



b luis grey said...

I enjoyed your comment on nathan the agent's blog. Funny.

lotusloq said...

I see we have some things in common! Writing while the oven buzzes and trying to get a blog started. Enjoyed reading the post. I like your wit.

GeekyQuill said...

Thank you both. :)