Monday, September 22, 2008

42 Profile Views and Query Letters

Wow, so 42 people have viewed my blog. Champagne time!

Well, by the time somebody reads this, it won't be 42 anymore.

Um... That's a Douglas Adams thing... (This is a photo of the lintel above our family room entry.)

I was just reading the Query Shark. Holy guacamole she's tough! I guess one doesn't enter the publishing world to have their ego massaged. It's more like hanging it out for target practice.
I admire those brave souls who sent their queries to her. I'm thinking of stowing my unfinished manuscript under the floorboards and forgetting about it, only I'm very attached to my characters and I'd like to see them through to the end.


Just_Me said...

Don't get to attached to those characters. You have to torture them a bit.

Give them a good month or two on the shelf while you work on your other books, and then come back and edit without mercy.

GeekyQuill said...

You're absolutely right. I feel like aplogizing to the characters every time I put them in a crumby situation. I've taken too much advice from my mom and sister who would have me rip out anything fantastical or violent and turn it into a sappy romance.

I'll try to take your advice, but it'll be hard to ignore it for any length of time. I tend to get obsessive tunnel vision with any project I take on.

Stacey said...

I totally understand your dilema! I have been helping a friend get out there and send her query out. We have subsequently revised her query 4 times, re-written her synopsis twice, edited her novel for nit picky things, and enjoyed the many partial requests and dealt with the fact that this novel may just not be right for the publishing world right now.

My suggestion to her was if she keeps getting rejections, try to write something else and get that published first, then this story can be told later, after you are published.

Hers is also an urban/ paranormal romance. I wonder if agents are just getting too many of those since Stephenie Meyer's success?