Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Geeky Escapism Quiz

The Geeky Escapism Quiz

In each segment give yourself 2 points if you can answer to the affirmative on the first question, 1 if you can answer yes to the second, but not the first, etc. (ie. Don't give yourself 3 if you can answer both- just take the 2 and be happy) Is that as clear as supernatural enchanted fog?

2 Pointed ears are a great investment because they can be for an Elf or Vulcan costume.
1 Pointed ears are so cool!
0 W.T.F.?

2 You named your child after a character from Star Trek, Dr. Who, or LotR.
1 You named your pet after one of the above.
0 What's LotR?

2 You've used ten sided dice.
1 You've used a compass for recreational purposes. (Either kind)
0 How many kinds are there?

D. A dangerous creature jumps out at you.
2 You fire your phaser.
1 You pull out your sword or wand.
0 Dude, it's just a cat.

2 You know what TARDIS stands for.
1 You know the name of Han Solo's spacecraft.
0 Wait, wasn't that Harrison Ford?

2 You currently play role playing games.
1 You used to play role playing games.
0 Is that something kinky?

2 You've read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
1 You've seen the films.
0 They wrote books about that?

2 Your favorite number is 42.
1 You want to visit Platform 9 3/4
0 You still think the number 69 is funny.

2 You want a pet tribble.
1 You want a pet dragon.
0 Dragons aren't real, you moron, and what the heck's a tribble?

2 Elves are beautiful and have a great love for music.
1 Elves cook and clean at Hogwarts.
0 You mean, like Santa's elves?

Bonus Question
2 You can name the hologram character in the Red Dwarf series.
1 You have the theme from Quantum Leap on your cell phone.
0 You're thinking of going back to the Han Solo question.

Now Score Yourself

20 or above: You win a genuine time machine.
16-19 : You win an all expense paid trip on the spacecraft of your choice.
12-15 : You win a free membership on
8-11 : The Great Gazoo will visit you in your dreams.
3-7 : Voldemort will visit you in your dreams.
Below 3: You obviously have a life outside of geeky escapism and therefore need nothing I have to offer. I chase you off with my +2 Saber.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wasting Time

My blog's been neglected, but I got a nudge from my niece to post something, so here goes.

My daughter, (we'll call her N), left Blue Like Jazz (by Donald Miller) on the table next to me. I picked it up, but was forbidden from reading beyond her book mark. She's like that -very specific in her commands, but surprisingly vague about herself. For instance, she'll say, "You have to drive me to beauty school." I say, "When?" She answers, "I don't know." Then any length of time later (a few minutes, a couple of hours, the following day...) she suddenly says, "I have to go NOW. Come on, get in the car!"

Sorry, I've strayed from my original point. In this book Donald Miller writes ...(drat, I can't find the exact quote. N has this weird thing about not writing in books) anyway, it says something about the devil spending more energy on getting us to waste time rather than tempting us to do actual evil. I thought that was very poignant, very C.S.LewisScrewtapeLettersish. Sitting on my butt playing solitaire is a complete waste of time. I could be cleaning, praying, reading to the kids, writing my novel (Now some would say, and I won't give any names **my husband** that writing my novel was a waste of time. ).

But the point I'm unsuccessfully making is that if you suddenly realized this was your last moment alive, will you be glad you'd just spent the past four and a half minutes making Harry Potter icons for your LJ (ha ha, sorry N) or do you wish you'd made that phone call to the friend you've been neglecting, baked cookies with your little brother, or wrote a love note to your husband? ...just a thought.

Of course, insert your own examples if you don't have a husband and if your little brother is 68... not that 68 year olds don't enjoy baking cookies. I'm just saying...never mind.