Monday, December 15, 2008

Zombies, Cats, and Writing

It's a very zombie day. You know, one of those days where you have to wear your zombie shirt? Lucky for me that I have one. (thanks to my niece, Jasmine.)

Do other people have as many scraps of paper as I do? I have sticky notes, old receipts, and tiny papers all over the house with page numbers, phone numbers, random quotes, words, recipes, lists... It's unending. Do you want examples? No, of course not, but I'll give you some. These just happen to be a few that are within reach.
"Her uncle suddenly looked thin and drawn."
"Combine 9 & 10"
"Tortilla chips for our Lady G. 350'"
"Pearlescent milky glow" (no idea what that's about)
"His eyes tore at her like claws -Bill" (No that's nothing naughty. He's a fellow writer with an amazing command of the language.)
and last but not least, and this one I think my daughter wrote- "True Story True"
Ok, and for our dear Mr. Grey who thinks I'm "somewhat illusive " I'll sign this post.
~Amanda The Zombie Queen ;)


Rick Bylina said...

In front of me on sticky notes:

"Tia (I'll assume it's a name) Red Cross has 2009 schedule." Platelet least I understand that one.

"Jim Carr $10 transfer" Job prospect.

"Kill squirrels" Yeah, 'nuff said.

"11,000" No idea.

"Aunt Tenna" A cute character name I want to use.

"HealthCare Job Explosion Dennis Demp" I think it's a book title.

"Model R026 115V 3.4 amps" The attic fan that died in the summer and that I've forgotten to replace it. Thanks for the reminder to read my notes.

I have a "Barking Spiders" shirt for my zombie days, which occur to frequently.

Have a great day. It's better than a grating day, unless you work with cheese.

GeekyQuill said...

Sorry about your squirrel problem, Rick. LOL

And speaking of spiders, I just found a scrap of paper (probably my daughter's) with various doodles of hearts and spider webs. It says, "Each moment you're away, the spider spins another string into the web of my heart." I'll asume it's from a song. It's beside one that says "Splendid. Right-O, Cliffhanger." That's one of mine.

I like cheese.

GeekyQuill said...

Ooops, I've just been informed that the spider quote was made up by my teenage daughter who just discovered I posted it and didn't credit her. Sorry Nyssa. :)

karabu said...

The kitty got so big!

And I'm pretty sure I don't actually have a desk - just piles of paper holding each other up. I'd quote some to you but then the delicate bablance would be destroyed.