Monday, December 1, 2008


Motorcycles have always held a certain mystique for me. They represent freedom, bravery, individuality - plus they're super sexy.

I love the old motorcycles. Having one from the 1920's or 30's would be a dream. I love the ones that look like Sergeant Murphy's in the old Richard Scary books. You know, the red one with the shoes inexplicably hanging off the back.

Many of my characters ride motorcycles. I've never ridden one unless you count the time when I was about seven and my friend's dad rode me around the corner to my house from theirs. I was petrified for the entire thirty seconds.

I've always liked the look of motorcycles, though. They make me smile when I see them on the road. There's a man who rides one to the small neighborhood library we go to. He looks exactly how a burly motorcycle riding guy should look and he sits in the library and reads. I love him for it.

So when my husband said, "What would you say to us getting a motorcycle?" I didn't need convincing. I think he just enjoyed the verbal exercise.

"It would be practical for commuting," he said.
"Sure," I said.
"It's easy to find a parking space."
"Great. Let's get one."
"They get great gas mileage."
"I know. Plus you'll look hot on it. Let's go for it."
"We can finance it."
"Whatever you think is best," I said.

So, we bought one. It's a black Honda Shadow. It's new, but it's beautiful. I don't know how we're going to manage the payments, but somehow we'll get by. I just need to convince him to hang a couple of shoes from it.


b luis grey said...

Husbands early Christmas present? Sounds like a fun investment.

sandi said...

OMG- I am going to start praying for you now.

Don't you listen to traffic in the morning? There is an accident on the freeway at least twice a day involving a motorcycle!

I hope paying for it is seriously your only worry! BE SAFE!

Jasmine said...

So when is Uncle Peter giving rides? I've never been on a motorcycle.


CJ said...

I found you through Grey's Images blog.

I just posted a painting I did of a motorcycle. Go to my blog. (Read the caption ---I wrote that before I read Sandi's comment on this post.)

My husband and I visited the Harley plant in York, PA once. They have a great museum with all the oldies that you love. Just yesterday, I found a few photos from that trip ---but that was before digital cameras and the inside shots at the museum are all orangish. If I get a chance, I will scan a few and see if I can correct the colors.

See my "Harley" painting (12/12/08 post):