Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Photo Time and Shameless Bragging

It's Saturday. Time for photos and shameless bragging.

First up is a lovely piece by Daphne and Fiona called, "Doll and Pony Show in The Sandbox." So many of our days are spent with pink and sparkly things.
Which reminds me, my teenage daughter said that sparkles are the herpes of the craft world. When one person has them, everyone ends up with them. Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about that, but there ya go.

Next up is our kitty on a heart rug. This picture is a bit deceptive. He's not normally so docile. Do you know what I saw in the pet store? Little nail caps for cat claws. What'll they think of next?
If I've done this correctly, this:
should be a link to the teaser trailer that my daughter is in. She plays a girl with an online boyfriend. She's the girl in the striped shirt in the opening shot, and once in the middle wearing a tank top and a computer and in the very last shot she's on the computer. The movie itself is a short film meant to teach teens and kids about internet safety and that sort of thing.
I got published!
Ok, that's taking it a bit too far. I merely got a letter to the editor put into the National Catholic Register newspaper. I've had letters to the editor and letter to the columnist put in before. It's not a great feat of writing prowess, but it's gratifying in a way.
Oh, what was the letter about? I'm so glad you asked. ;)
I was defending an article about the film "Hellboy." A columnist had written favorably about it because of the Catholic elements. Somebody had written in to say it wasn't a good movie, spiritually speaking. I refuted that and said that it was, but of course I wrote in an unabashedly eloquent manner. (LOL How modest I am today.)
I guess I'm just in a good mood.


b luis grey said...

Today there's plenty to blog about. Congratulations on the article defense being published in the paper.

Aubrey said...

I totally used to set up shots like this when I was a girl with my "My little ponies" and Barbie dolls. It's good to see kids are still doing it!

GeekyQuill said...

LOL, oh yes, we are never short of clusters of cute and pretty things. We also have some shots of our old cat wearing hats. He was a patient old man.

karabu said...

Awww man. I was never allowed to take pictures of my toys as a kid. Waste of film. Digital cameras are wonderful for kid stuff.