Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It never fails! I sit down to blog and I can't think of a thing to say. I need a team of reporters following me around to take down the witty things I say all day long. I also need cats (only one cat actually) and kids not to climb on me when I finally sit down to write. That's how typos are born.

When I boot up the computer, the kids think it's a signal for them to climb onto my lap and watch Bugs Bunny on YouTube. I guess it comes from having basic $14 a month cable. My kids are starved for cartoons. On the upside, they know one should always discharge their static electricity on the body of the car before filling the gas tank, how electroplating works, and the fact that snakes and spiders can be eaten raw. Gotta love that Discovery Channel.

With the help of some of the great folks in my online critique group, I've rewritten my first chapter and I'm fairly happy with it. I simply love that group. Most of them are very helpful and honest without being cruel. The best part, though, is reading fresh new stories. Yum!

Speaking of "yum," it's pay day. That means something besides kale soup and almonds for dinner. :)

...because the revision is worlds better than my original chapter one.


b luis grey said...

I enjoyed the first chapter. I especially like how bea is ranting at the brown eye stranger and thanks him for the food. When storming out she makes sure to grab his food. Need to work on my story too. Your story is awakening my dream to write again

GeekyQuill said...

About half the people didn't find that scene believable and the other half loved it.

Write on!

karabu said...

Okay, I knew I felt a connection when I met you. Would you believe I write Sci-Fi too?
Didn't know you had a blog till I saw your link.
This is cool.

GeekyQuill said...

LOL, that's so cool.

Ugh, I'm reading this chapter on here and I'm embarrassed. My rewrite is worlds better. I promise.