Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pine Creek and Refinancing vs. Library charges

And now for something completely fine. The twins and I go to the creek down the street from our house often, but I never think to bring a camera. We were doing a report for Jr. Rangers and needed a visual.
So, here are the girls slogging around. It's more of a stinky marsh than a creek this time of year. But we love it.
On another unrelated note: We just refinanced and I have a lower credit rating than my husband. The only credit card I've ever had was the one we've had together for the last ten years. (And we never carry a balance from month to month.) Peter looked into the factors used for credit scoring and one was library use. So, maybe I had too many late charges or just the fact that I check out books weekly, but that must the what put me below him. Strange. I'd never have thought of that in a million years. No problem, though. We were able to refinance.
Oh, and Bane read the last entry and he was almost flattered by my description of him. Oh goody. :/


Anonymous said...

excuse me? I never said i was flattered by your description of me it was very offensive i only said i was "almost" flattered by the part implying i looked like johnny depp because i was insecure about the way i looked and if people thought that was who i looked like i must not look too bad. Please do not take that as me meaning i was flattered by your entire description of me because it was offending.

The Geeky Quill said...

Oh, sorry, "almost flattered."