Thursday, May 14, 2009

Novel Titles, Embarrassing Words, and Star Trek

We saw Star Trek last night. Yeah! It was even better than we expected and we're eager to see it again.
So, in honor of that, here's a Nerf Herder video called Mr. Spock.

I looked up a few of the title choices for my novel on the Lulu Titlescorer .
The best was The Whimsicality of Perception. It had a 69% chance of being a best seller. Take that oh you people who hated that title!
Syzygy was second.
Misperceptions came in third.
To Be Human came in last.

Lulu didn't take into account cover art, but I happen to know that teens browsing a bookstore take the cover into account when they're making their choices. They also take into account whether or not the title is embarrassing (at least the girls do) and Lulu didn't have a category for how embarrassing a particular word might be.

So, what are some embarrassing words? I'll have to guess, as my teenager isn't around at the moment:

I wonder if the difficulty some may find in pronouncing Syzygy would deter possible readers.


karabu said...

I listened to a podcast recently about publishing and it was very firmly against hard to pronounce titles. They said it may not someone from pulling it off the shelf, but it may deter them from referring the book to a friend.

karabu said...

Oh - and I agree about Star Trek. Trying to convince ourselves here that seeing it again in the theater isn't a waste of money.

The Geeky Quill said...

I think you're right about the unpronounceable titles. It's hard to discuss something you can't say.

Go see it again. This of it this way, you already know you like it whereas if you see something else you may or may not like it. It's a better bet to go see Star Trek again.

Mohamed Mughal said...

Hey, I never knew about the title scorer. I just input the title of my 1st novel...14.6% chance of being a hit :). There you have it :).

Thanks for sharing this useful tool!